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Teacup Pigs can be Superb Pets

Increasing trend has been seen in popularity of Teacup Pigs and they are being liked as pets. They are intelligent animals and can be trained in house. Pigs can live in your home, but you can choose them if you are not crazy about the cleanliness.

You can litter train teacup pigs, the same as a dog. Teacup Pigs are clean and are normally easy to care for. These pets do not shed fur and are hypo-allergenic. They make out well with other pets and children. They are wonderful for people who are animal lovers but allergic to cat or dog hair. You need special food for teacup pigs for sale. You should make sure that your nearby stores carry pigs special feed before you bring your pig home and you have to follow the requirements for the size of pig you choose. Pigs love to play with water. If you have backyard, don’t allow your pig to play into it all the time. They like to make mud and root around in it. Make sure to keep your pig clean for their hygiene and good health. If you are looking for teacup pigs for sale there are only a few real breeders in the united states so make sure you choose wisely.


Teacup Pigs are special animals can become excellent pets. You can have fun with their peculiar habits. They are entertaining and fun loving in nature. You can find various books being written on understanding, training and managing these wonderful pets.

Mini pigs can make great pets for the right person. Not only are they greatly intelligent but also their fun, loving, and playful nature can make good additions to the right family. You should investigate properly before adopting one of these pet. When you spend more time with them you get to know that pigs are very loving and funny, and can give you years of entertainment. They are very snoopy, and demanding, these mini pigs can keep you on your toes.

Teacup pigs are the lovely creatures having great love for their owners. They start loving the house in which they live and specifically their bedding area. They consider it as their personalized spot and it is a place for them to hide, snuggle, sleep and relax. Some of the pigs even drag the blankets around them in the whole house. If you are taking your pet outside for some vacation, take their bedding along with you because they feel comfortable at their own place. It is a great feeling to see your pet comfortable as they will play and stay better, only if you make them fully relaxed.

Pigs are intelligent in nature and if you are keeping them near some drawers or cupboards, they will open it and get into it immediately. It is essential to keep locks on your food items as they can spoil everything and increase your workload. You need to serve them food only during the fixed timings as they can become obese very soon.

Pigs should be trained for littering in the box or open backyard, according to the space available in your house. The litter boxes having low opening in the front region are most preferred for teacup pigs for sale. These pets are not so comfortable with cat litter box style having upper edge open. If it is the case of a backyard, people use newspapers or wooden chips for littering.

Little pigs love your company and they will enjoy watching TV programs with you. They feel great in enjoying music and if you are not at home, you can play TV or some music for them to keep them engaged. Keep track of vaccinations of your pet. Pig diseases can be avoided by keeping them vaccinated on regular basis and keeping them de-wormed.

Give Comfort to your Teacup Pigs

I am a working male and felt lonely after the death of my mother. It was a kind of shock for me and I was not able to overcome the loss. Doctor suggested me to keep a pet at home and it was a great suggestion for me. I brought a teacup pig at home and he was a great source to get through the times of loneliness. I was occupied in the upbringing of small baby piglet in the beginning. He was just 6 weeks old when I got him home. I had to take care of his food and fed him with bottle and gave him little pig food to eat. I stayed at home for the pig for 5 days and joined my job after setting him in the house.

I named my pig ‘Oscar’ and he is a naughty pet. He was too tiny in the beginning, but gradually got bigger with time. He is a happy pet and stays at home without me. I have an apartment and have trained him fully for his activities. He has a particular play zone to roam about and I make sure that he doesn’t cross it because he can get inside the kitchen to open drawers and make the mess all around. Whenever I am back from the office, I take him out for about half an hour and it makes both of us refreshed. I keep two bowls of water and one bowl of food for him and he takes it whenever he feels hungry.

I love my Teacup Pig

I was astonished that these tiny animals are too intelligent to learn new activities. My pet learnt that he has to litter in his special litter box just within 7 days. My experience with teacup buddies has been great and they fill up your life with joys all around. If you are looking for teacup pigs for sale, these ones are the best for you.

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Facts about Teacup Pigs
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Like their name indicates, teacup pigs are mini pet pigs with micro size. These little pigs can fit into a teacup at the time of their birth and hence, they are given the name as Teacups.

Teacup actually refers to size of pig not to a specific breed. These mini pets are very intelligent. You can make them amazing pets with some training and care. Some of the facts of these mini pigs are:

Teacup pigs for sale are also known as micro pigs, miniature pigs and micro mini pigs. Teacup pigs were produced from a unification of various kinds of pigs. This is the reason for the availability of mini pets in many colors including black, white, tan, silver, red and rust. Some of these also have spots in black, red or white tone. Life span of Teacup pigs is approx 15-20 years.

Teacup pigs are very small at birth but their teacup-size won’t stay for very long. They can grow up to around 65 pounds in size and 16 inches in height by the time they reach adulthood at around 2 to 3 years of age

Teacup pigs need your attention all the time. They go along with a companion pig very well. They are best for people who are allergic to pet’s hair, because they have rough hair, called bristles. These bristles grow longer in the winter and shed in the summer and have no allergic reactions. Teacup pigs love to make mud outdoors and need periodic bath to keep them clean.

Facts about Teacup Pigs

You can train teacup pigs well by guiding them with positive methods. If you want to teach your little pig to perform on your command give them tasty veggie or fruit treats as rewards. Bring a shallow kiddies’ pool fill it with water for your pig pets as they don’t sweat and can easily become overheated. Teacup pigs also require regular veterinary care.

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Caring for your Teacup Pigs
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Pigs Enjoy Water
Pigs love to play with water at all times. They do not sweat, so water is important to them. Water intake of every pig is different and so is their behavior. Every pig behaves differently from other regarding water intake. Give them water in stainless steel without lid bowls.

Feeding Your Mini Pig

You should feed your mini pig with special food with correct amount of protein and little amount of fat. If you are unable to find this special pig food at local stores, you can consult with your Veterinarian or breeders to get the right food for your pets. It is generalized nature of pigs to eat a lot of food and you need to keep a perfect routine for the pig to make sure that they don’t get overweight.

Litter Box Training
You can train your pigs for litter-box usage. You can prefer litter boxes with low opening in the front. Teacup Pigs for sale are very clean they keep their eating and sleeping area separate from litter box.

Caring for your Teacup Pigs

Bed and Blankets
Pigs use to stay in their own bed and blankets. They need their own separate space where they can snuggle under blankets and sleep on them. Pigs love to hide under blankets and it is a sort of comfort for them. This adds to their stability and relaxation. You can provide various blankets to your pet like one for car, for taking them outside home.

Make Your Home Toddler Proof
Mini pigs are so smart they can easily find out the ways to get into just anything. If there is cupboard around, they will try to get into it and can find whatever they want. Make sure food pantry has child proof locks or they will make mess around everything

TV Music and Videos
Mini pigs enjoy watching TV or Videos, particularly funny videos. You can put on music on or keep the TV on when you go out of home. They love to spend time with you by seeing the TV programs you like.

About Teacup Pigs

If you want to bring a teacup pig to your home, you need to be fully affirmative about your decision as it is a big decision. Initially, you have to put lots of efforts to take care of this pet. They generally have life span of 10 to 15 years and it’s a commitment of long time. You have to make your home piggy proof like you make your home for a toddler. Before bringing small pig to your home, you need to do a lot of research on breeds of the teacup pigs.

You can’t handle a large pig hundred pound roaming around your home and lawn. Teacup Pigs for sale are mainly outdoor creatures and would love to roam about in open. They spend ample of time in rooting and it is their natural urge for doing this activity in home and outdoors. They will smell around the things and pick them up for eating, which should be carefully tackled.

About Teacup Pigs

Mini pigs are wonderful pets and you will love their funny nature. You can train your mini pig pet for everything at home. These pigs are very curious and are amazing little pets. You love to watch them and tackle them very easily. You can take them to walks in this way you both get your exercise. These little pets completely bond with you in very less time.

Many breeders claim that selling pigs will stay small under 35 pounds. This is barely truth instead they misinform you about proper feeding instruction of pig so that theses pets remain tiny. Underfeeding can make pig unhealthy and very aggressive due to being hungry. Moreover, three are so many pigs who need homes and can be adopted. There are so many pigs that need your love and affection and you can adopt them to give a new life to these tiny creatures.
Teacup Pigs are Fascinating animals

If you are looking for a new pet for your family, a teacup pig would be best option. Pigs get comfortable with their human families very quickly and easily. These mini pigs are born with their eyes open and walk in a jolly way. They are very active and funny creatures having great intellect. New born pigs are silky smooth and the newborns love to lay on their moms to stay warm and cozy. Rooting should be treated as normal behavior of pigs and it persists in small sized pigs also. Best recommendation before adopting a pet pig is to get full information about pet pigs and their care.

You can also teach your teacup pigs some great tricks. They are very curious and run through all the time to investigate how to get more food. These little charming teacup pigs have great benefits related to adopting them as pets. Pets like dogs and cats usually known to shed their long hair. Teacup pigs have no fur on their body and their skin has hair on the body. Intelligent and social nature makes these pigs amazing pets. They are so affectionate, quite clean and have very few health problems. Teacup pigs at your home give very satisfying experience. They are attention seekers and you will surely get lots of feel while walking with them.

Teacup pigs can substantially make great pets. Buying a teacup pigs for sale can be more complicated over other common pets, such as cats or dogs. The major concern is that, since there is no recognized breed of teacup pig and there is no surety that the pig you buy will actually stay small. A teacup pig is probably a small pig breed. Although very small at time of birth, teacup pigs don’t remain teacup-size for longtime. The teacup type relates to size, not to a specific breed.


Teacup Pig Requirements

Teacup pigs are amazing elements to keep at home. They will fill your life with joys and make you feel great with their joyful nature. These pets are very flexible and you can keep them safely in your house. Make sure that your society allows petting these animals.

There is commercial diet available for pigs and you can give them those food items once or twice a day. Pigs love to eat and they will search for the food for whole day. They can even check your drawers or other areas of the house for the same. You have to make sure that you are giving appropriate diet to the teacup pig; otherwise there are chances of making them sick. These creatures become obese very soon and you have to keep in mind this fact while upbringing the pet. Fresh vegetables and fruits are quite suitable for teacup pigs and you can use these things while training the pet in your own way.

The pig can comfortably live in the house. You can give him comfortable bedding to sleep and it is very necessary to make the pig feel that they have been given proper space for their comfort. You can train your pig in the most relevant way by talking to them and showing them the right places to play, litter and sleep. These creatures are quite easy to train and you can use the easiest ways to teach them basic manners, littering requirements and other techniques.

Rooting is the general characteristic of a pig and they have to be given old towel or blanket for this purpose. If you have open space at home, give them space for their activity and don’t force them not to do their own things. Teacup Pigs for sale can do many activities independently, but it depends on you to teach them these required things.